Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday was my lower body workout. Loved it! Overhead squats were first on the agenda. Thanks to my wonderful coach for giving me pointers in learning how to nail these, I was able to do them with much less struggle than the previous week. It is quite a challenging exercise for someone who is used to more conventional, bodybuilding-style training, and so acts as a good introduction to the rigours of Olympic weightlifting, or so this is what I've read.
Okay…so there a few exercises I find most humbling and this one ranks right up there with pull-ups and T-push ups. Maintaining strict form and squatting deep whilst holding a 45 pound bar above your head is no easy feat let me tell you. But I did it. Now if I could only add weight to the bar, it would be grand.

Today was upper body (heavy back day) and all I can say is that persistence has finally paid off. When doing single DB bench press I FINALLY was able to use the 35lb DB's without any difficulty! This was definitely a personal best for me. I'm finally feeling stronger and I'm loving it!

So all that said, whatever your goal, whether it be to lose 5 or 100 pounds, be able to walk/run a mile...the reality is if you want it bad enough and you work hard for it...you will achieve success. Persistence pays off.

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Reddrhino said...

Great work Greta. You are my HERO