Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can hardly believe I’m intentionally gaining weight. Never in a million years did I ever think I would find myself in this position. Why and who would do this? A bodybuilder in training. I don’t see myself as a bodybuilder, but I’m certainly eating and training like one. In the world of bodybuilding bulking is standard practice. If you want to put on muscle mass you have to eat.

Last winter I did what I would consider a mini-bulk. I wasn’t all that comfortable with the weight gain and wasn’t ready to accept the compromise of extra weight and fat with more muscle. This time, I am heeding the weight gain no attention. When I made the decision to bulk in the late autumn, I told my coach I wanted to bulk for 8-10 weeks. Well I’m four weeks in now and I’m ready to go full throttle and see how much muscle mass I can build.

I would love to have that “perfect” body and to be lean and ripped every day of the year. Unfortunately, I have to make a compromise and be willing to accept that for me to have that body, I have to work for it. Both inside and outside the gym. Sure I might get a little uncomfortable with the weight gain, but in a few months time, I’ll strip away the layers to reveal just what I’ve been working on. I absolutely can't wait!

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