Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Body Image

I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of the thin woman looking into a full length mirror with the image of an overweight woman staring back at her. This seemingly distorted view is how many women see themselves, and I must admit there have been days where this is how I see myself. Unfortunately, many women have poor body image; even those who have thin, fit bodies can look in a mirror and criticize themselves for their imperfections (which are often out of proportion to how they really look), rather than focus on their strengths.

Body image is the picture we have of our physical body - an inner view of our outer self. Our body image is strongly influenced by messages we receive from the media (fashion magazines, television, movies, music). Our body image can be so fragile that it can change after eating a cookie, seeing a number on the scale that we aren’t happy or comparing ourselves to someone else who we see has having a “perfect body”.

The types of messages we tell ourselves through our inner thoughts will directly influence how we perceive our outer self. Increasing the positive self-image messages and decreasing the negative thoughts will enhance a positive body image.

A healthy body image is focusing on your strengths and positive qualities. It is about gaining confidence in your appearance and dwelling on your strengths. What are your dreams, passions and goals with your physique? Building a healthy, positive body image is about being confident no matter the number on the scale because I am fit, strong, and healthy.

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