Monday, May 19, 2008


Like a child anticipating the opening of a birthday gift, I approach a new program with similar eager anticipation...that is until today.

Today I started Day 1 of my new program for the next four weeks. Upon receipt of today’s workout, I opened my email excited to see what my dear coach had gifted me with.

Single-Arm Cable Pulldown ("D" handle), Burpee + Chin-up, Iron Cross, Hanging Leg Raises (straight leg). I mentally go through each exercise, in mock preparation for what I’m about to put my body through. My eyes glance across the words again…burpee & chin-ups. Sequenced together. Is he for real? After watching on YouTube (see video below) to see how this remarkable new exercise should look, I head to the gym, keyed up to do my workout. Well if that wasn't a big kick in the pants. I left the gym completely depleted...making a mental note to email my coach asking him what I did to deserve this sort of torture.

They say this exercise will develop strength, explosive power, and anaerobic endurance. It's also good for losing extra fat and increasing stamina. Let’s hope they are right, because after today's attempt at this, I'm afraid dreading Monday's will have a whole new meaning.

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